Shantz MC Feasibility Study

July 13, 2017 – New Hamburg Independent Article


June 2017 Press Release:
Shantz Mennonite Church to conduct feasibility study to repurpose church building.

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On Sunday June 25, 2017,  Shantz Mennonite Church had a special blessing for a new initiative that could see the current church building see new life after its use as a place of worship is over.

Shantz Mennonite Church has hired Jeff Steckley to conduct a feasibility study to determine whether a Community-Based Social Innovation and Leadership Equipping Hub that he has helped to envision could become a financially sustainable reality.

Over the past two years, committees within Shantz Mennonite Church have been working tirelessly to not only prepare for a new church build, but to explore the best possible uses of the current building after the move has been made.

Jane Schultz-Janzen, chair of the Church and Community Liaison Committee, is excited about re-purposing the original church building. “It means so much to us that it would continue to be a place where great ideas are sparked and enriching partnerships are made to build our community.”

The vision, as developed by Steckley, is primarily to create a space that allows for relationships among community service organizations to be fostered, as well as opportunities for mentorship.
The space would include flexible gathering and work space for social entrepreneurs and community organizations.

Moving forward, Steckley will continue to build on consultations already started with community organizations in Wilmot, Wellesley and Woolwich Townships as well as community, municipal, business and educational leaders to explore their interest in being part of the hub.

“We’ve established great connections,” says Steckley. “And we’re looking forward to hearing from others who may be interested in exploring this opportunity. I’d love to hear from you!”

Mike Shantz, co-chair of the building committee at Shantz Mennonite Church, is looking forward to exploring the potential. “When community organizations can work together and find ways to fill in the missing pieces together – that’s the opportunity that excites me.”

Media Contact:
Jane Schultz-Janzen
Church and Community Liaison Chair

Jeff Steckley
Project Lead